Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Letters From The Past

Digging through a manilla folder the previous owner left in the house w/ all the pamphlets from all the appliances here (dishwasher, fridge, washer/dryer, A.C, etc) because the garage door is acting wacky. Tucked into a plastic zip lock bag I see a pencil written note on lined paper. Dated March 29th, 1992.

To Whom it May Concern,

Well, if you've found this it is quite possible that you are remodeling this house or this poor old place is falling down or being torn down~ God Forbid!

Allow me to introduce myself. My name is David _____. I am 33 years old, & this is my first house I ever purchased. My partner and lover of 5 years is K _____. I'm from, orginally, a small town north of here called Garner, Iowa & K is from Perry, Iowa, also just north. We've lived in this house for 3 years, Renting, prior to buying it. Rent was $450.00 monthly. I purchased this house from our landlord, Anna _____, our realtor was Ann _____. Both wonderful ladies.

I am a floral designer/salesperson for a company recently bought by the HyVee corp, known then as Floral Supply, now knows as Floral Distributors Inc. Kevin, age 38, works as a maintenance superintendent at ________.

When we first moved in here, the kitchen was Brown & Gold *icky* and the bathroom was equally as Bad. There was a window in the bathroom. Also, there was a large window currently where the fireplace is now. We purchased this house on March 16, 1991 with a down payment of $154.00 & at a cost of $35,000- a real steal nowadays (blogger comment HOLY CRAP I guess!!!)

During the time we've lived here up to now so much has happened. The Berlin Wall fell, an economic Recession is now underway AGAIN!, the Gulf War took place before our very eyes on television. And the communist government of the Soviet Union disbanded or fell apart, whichever you prefer~.

We have had many spiritual groups meet here, Metaphysics is our belief~ that is that God is everywhere & that we have the power to manifest into being anything we put our minds to. Many powerful things have taken place here with healing the sick manifesting and talking with other dimensions. K. is a channeler & the spirit giudes or guardian Angels speak through him.---- Thus your crystals enclosed with our pictures (Blogger note, no pics or crystals, but loads of geodes and crystals outside in the gardens!) Put in each of the 4 corners of the house and draw in some good positive energy.

There have been many good times in this house, lots of laughs- a few tears- and lots of love.

Jack & Betty _____& their son, ____, are friends of ours and also the contractors who originally did the work on the bath & kitchen. Another friend, _____, was in charge of the fireplace & marble. Well I guess thats all from me now.

I hope you enjoy this old house as much as we have. Thanks for taking the time to read this, Sorry there isn't any cash to help you out.

Please take care of our house~

God Bless

D. ____ & K. _____.

So, while I never did find any paperwork on that garage door opener, it did explain all the crystals and geodes all over the yard in the gardens! I wonder where the littler crystals went. There was at least one other owner in between the gentlemen who left the note and myself, but she left no note (that I have stumbled across, anyway!). I've googled their names to no avail, but will keep trying to track them down....I'd love to talk to them about the house. Somehow, knowing they were happy here nearly 20 years ago makes me feel good....knowing they had some spiritual experiences here that were good is even better. A house that is pushing 100 years old certainly has the potential to have some negative energy, but I have yet to feel any at all....I feel safe here, content and energized. I wonder if, not so long ago but still somehow SO long ago, they had any idea someone would end up here who would take that letter and give it permanent life on the internet? While it would be fantastic to find anything out about tenants from 50, 70 years ago....its still interesting & fascinating to read a first hand account of what life was like here in 1992.

And a big thank you for killing the Brown & Gold (sic) kitchen!